Inquiry to probe download pricing

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Federal Member for Ryan Jane Prentice is encouraging people to participate in an upcoming Federal Government inquiry into why it costs more to download software and content in Australia than in many other countries.

Mrs Prentice is a member of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications which is conducting the inquiry.

“It simply beggars belief that Australians are being asked to pay more to download software and content than other countries when our dollar is so strong and there are no bricks and mortar costs associated with downloading,” she said.

“Earlier this month, for example, Australian artist Gotye’s “Making Mirrors” album was retailing on iTunes for AU $16.99, but in the USA the same album was available for US $9.99.

“This inquiry will attempt to understand why it is more expensive for Australians to download the same software and content than in other countries.”

Mrs Prentice said that invitations to appear at the inquiry would be sent to all the major computer and software companies including Apple and Microsoft.

More information about the inquiry can be found here:

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